As a black belt martial artist, Keith W. Strandberg has been teaching in one way or another since 1975. With Keith Vitali and Michael DePasquale, Jr., Strandberg founded the Action Film Camp in the US that trains actors and fighters to break into movies (over 150 graduates have gone on to careers in film). Strandberg has a MA in Film and Screenwriting from Antioch University and has taught on the faculty at Towson University, Webster University, Rabbit Hill Writers' Studio, American Online and many more. The classes he has taught include Screenwriting, Broadcast Film Writing, Film Appreciation, the Media Producer, How to Sell What You Write, Women's Self Defense, Isshinryu Karate and more. Click on the links below to see a few articles on Strandberg, as well as syllabi from some of the classes Strandberg teaches.

Action Film Making Master Class Textbook

As the founder and chief instructor for the Action Film Making Camps, Strandberg wrote the Action Film Making Master Class textbook, designed to share with students what he learned over his years making action films. Here is the complete book.


Sample Syllabi:

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